I am a seasoned designer, composer, producer, and a pastor of worship arts. My wealth of experience in graphic design and music has enabled me to contribute to a variety of projects.

As a self-taught musician, I like to infuse many of my eclectic influences and a keen ear for melody into my varied compositions. This is often showcased in my diverse writing style and production techniques.

With experiences both on stage and in the studio, I bring a unique musical style into an array of settings. My comprehensive spectrum of musical tastes covers a wide range of musical genres.

In addition, I have also made numerous contributions both in radio and television writing jingles and themes for a variety of shows, as well as being involved in an assortment of musical stage adaptations. These experiences include composing original scores for re-imagined stage productions of The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, The Piped Piper of Hamlin, and the debut stage production of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I have been sought out by baKno, an up and coming video game developer and publisher. I have worked closely with baKno to create original musical scores for many of their video games including Xplorer, Island Racer, Punk Trader, and Mahjong.

I’ve also been tapped for work in the studio as a session player, producer, co-writer, and arranger on several independent album projects. The ability to create just the right music for a specific project is what I find most rewarding. In the studio, I am currently working on the original score for an independent animated feature filmed entitled Project Seven (The Movie).

In 1990 I became a Christian. Since that time, I have been blessed to play and record with a number of worship teams, as well as produced and performed on a number of worship albums, a few of which I wrote or produced. These albums include All of My Hungry Heart, House of The Risen Son, and Hannaford Street Worship.

I have earned a degree in graphic design and new media development. In 2000, with my background and skills in graphic design, music, and motion production, I launched my own design and marketing firm, Fiveshock Design. It is through Fiveshock Design, I have had the opportunity for well over a decade to work with a client list that includes corporations such as SONY and Yamaha, best-selling authors, top-rated radio talk show hosts, and television personalities.

Recently, I lent my songwriting, music, and production skills to the instrumental art-rock project, Velvet Symphony, I wrote and produced their debut album – a 10-track LP entitled Counter Clockwise that is available on the iTunes store, Amazon.com, as well as other online music stores.

In late 2012, I officially launched my own publishing company, Glittertown Records, an entity that now operates as my own independent publishing house. I produce and distribute music under Glittertown Records globally, including musical projects such as Hannaford Street Worship and Velvet Symphony, among others.

In my spare time I man my very own internet radio station, aptly called KEDD Radio. It is there, I play all the classic songs you know and love. I also enjoy introducing new tunes from new artists as well. Please check it out.

In 2015, I also officially launched, The Minstrel, a custom and royalty-free scoring and production house. It is there I provide original scores for films, radio, television, and commercials, as well as royalty-free scores that I have composed and have been made available to subscribers. I offer digital downloads for just about any audio situation. You can now purchase a single score or use the subscription option for you or your company to purchase unlimited scores.